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Which organizations other than schools are eligible to apply?


Can a middle school and high school campus from the same district apply?


Can teachers from the same campus submit different applications?


Can a nonprofit be the lead agency for the grant and work directly with young people rather than through schools?


Can a school district's grant writer help with writing the grant?


Can students younger than 5th grade participate?


What are the allowable expenditures with this grant?


Does it look bad to include teacher stipends as a significant amount of the budget?


What is meant by “supplies and materials”?


Are any costs not allowed?


Are food expenses allowed?


What aspects of the Texas Conservation Action Plan (TCAP) can students address through this grant?


How can we connect these broader TCAP goals to needs in our area?


Could these projects be run as part of the regular school day, outside of school, or both?


Does the service-learning activity need to be centered in the classroom? Can it be opened up to the whole school? Can it be in a club, or after-school format?


Do students need to work with partners?


In areas like water quality testing, are there statewide organizations that gather data that can help answer questions?


Could these Healthy Habitats grants help schools earn credit as a Green Ribbon School?


What Texas Parks and Wildlife Department initiatives and programs would fit well with this grant?


How do you measure knowledge gained?


How many times should you gather data?


Where can I find tips on how to work with the media?


How do I organize media events?


What guidelines should we follow when posting student videos and pictures?


How can we post information about the project to the Healthy Habitats facebook page?


Which organizations other than schools are eligible to apply?

Nonprofit organizations and state and local agencies that work with youth in 5th grade, middle school, or high school are eligible.